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Play Food, 2016



Play Food (2016 - present)

     This work challenges the indulgent aesthetics and illusions of images; it toys with consumption patterns in our everyday life. The playfulness and enticing qualities have been borrowed from media representations of photographed food products in advertising. These images position the viewer in the colliding space between the imaginary and the real.  

    The medium of photography has the capacity for the viewer to consume images that are fabricated yet simultaneously reveal certain truths. These photographs place emphasize on imitations of popular food items - some are noticeably more artificial than others. The illusionary space is created by manipulating light and perspective in real time, with little post production editing.  An authentic process and artificial objects can create a deceiving result.

   The dissemination of repeated photographic images, that we understand as familiar, allows us to forget about how we accept the programming of media, ingesting continuously with little relationship to the real. This work aims to reveal constructs, by producing images bearing little context or function. The work is intended to be alluring, absurd, desirable and uncomfortable. These photographs of illusionary space and isolated objects have the ability to be familiar, yet subversive because there is nothing to consume, but an image.